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About Us

At Houston Urethane and Composite a division of Superior Industrial Services, our goal is to provide urethane products at the highest grade with prompt delivery and highly competitive pricing to our customers. We mold parts either using our customer’s molds or custom built molds designed and fabricated by our staff. These products range from ounces to several hundred pound components.

Because of their versatility, polyurethane products surpass most other polymers and are beneficial in a variety of applications requiring load bearing capabilities, noise dampening, high abrasion resistance, tensile and tear strength and chemical resistance. To increase structural integrity, many of our products have metal inserts bonded to them. While having the load bearing and corrosion resistance characteristics of metal, polyurethane parts also have flexibility and the lightweight properties you find in rubber. It is also ideal for molding into custom shapes and sizes since it is in a liquid form before processing. Urethanes are available in various colors, hardnesses, strengths, elasticity’s and abrasion resistance.

From prototyping to contract manufacturing, our services include product development, machining, fabrication and cast urethane parts. To maintain tighter tolerance on our products after casting, we can also perform secondary machining operations.

To ensure that your product meets application requirements our team of highly seasoned professionals will apply their expertise in tooling design, polymer selection and processing methods to meet the scope of required services and will guide your project from design stage to finished product. We understand the importance of superior quality and prompt delivery and are committed to meeting the needs of our customers.

At Houston Urethane and Composite, we want to exceed your expectations so bring us your challenging projects and we will provide the solutions!

For all of your polyurethane projects, call us at 832-421-2209 or submit our contact form – we will make sure your order is correct, complete and delivered on time.

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